To Byte IQ

We help healthcare organisations become more efficient, productive, profitable and deliver a better healthcare service with the use of data science.

What are you trying to achieve? Is it to become more efficient? Is it to reduce reporting & data analysis costs? We want to know everything.

Using our proprietary tools, our data scientists & developers begin working and diving deep into your data sets. This is where we deliver on our work.

Collectively, Byte IQ's team brings over 50 years of digital health, innovation & data science experience to the table. We know healthcare!

Who We Are?

Byte IQ was founded to bridge the gap between data science and positive healthcare outcomes. We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, clinicians & business consultants who have come together to solve one of the industry's biggest challenges, making healthcare data useful and usable.

Our Team


Rob Khamas

Founder & CEO

Omar Khan

Data Scientist

Darren Stanley

Strategic Advisor

Dr J. Abraham

Clinical Advisor

Thiago Salvador

Software Engineer

Mia Nashi

People & Culture

Fernando Dayan

Software Engineer

Anoop Mishra

Data Engineer

Our Practice
Has Been Transformed

We are a small family practice based in Sydney. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we needed to pivot and find a new way to operate. Our patient numbers dropped and we knew something had to change. We were introduced to Huddle and the idea of data science in healthcare. Since using Huddle, we have increased our billing capacity by over 30%, reduced our DNA appointments substantially and our clinical staff are now working more efficiently.

j Youna G Practice Manager